I like to socialize and you will satisfy all the the brand new patrons due to the fact better while the speak within the regulars!

IG age: 27 Race: Men, Hyur (Midlander) Preference: Straight Identification:Fun and Easygoing, Effective, Hardheaded, Clever, a giant tease. ERP: Only with my personal breathtaking girlfriend Embyr. Kinks: Wouldn’t you want to see? 😉 Likes: Sincerity, A beneficial group, Quality time with good friends, Good-hearted shenanigans. Dislikes: Phony someone, crisis, closed mindedness. Introduction: Hello, I am Vincent and that i work on the inform you here! If you’re in, upcoming become talk to myself and you can why don’t we find out if I am able to create your night the right one ever only at pub Resurrection!

IG decades: 127 Appears: twenty-eight Competition: People, Veena Preference: Straight Identity: Fun, laid back, flirtatious Loves: Ear canal animals, flirting, and you will getting together with the girl spouse Hates: liars, hacks, and you can jerks which bully anyone else Inclusion: “Hey all! I am Embyr and I’m only right here to say it’s a pleasure meeting everybody for sure!”

IG ages: 25 Competition: lady, miqo’te Taste: pansexual Identification: lively, versatile Loves: flirting, laughing, singing (badly) Dislikes: rudeness Addition: I am a pet people just who wants to dancing, tease, and take proper care of the individuals next to the woman. I’m versatile and can easily conform to various roles inside the both stuff and you may spots. Everyone with a kind cardio could well be approved of the me personally, and that i love fulfilling brand new, form anyone!

IG ages: twenty six Battle: Female, Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon Preference: bisexual Character: flirty, playful, caring, bashful as much as unknown face ERP: yes Kinks: petplay, collars, breeding, tresses move, degradation, Likes: preparing, eating, learning, sightseeing, sleep Hates: arrogant some body, sunshine, excessively sounds, being woken up Addition: An enthusiastic orphan regarding Acorn Orchard into the Gridania which leftover to travel the country. Fiercely faithful immediately following befriended, however, or even a little timid and you can shy. Entering the field of amusement she looks in order to expand her perspectives and develop become a bit more outbound.

IG years: twenty-five Competition: People, Midlander Liking: Bi Personality: Relaxed and wondering, gold-digger, has actually making someone make fun of. Not afraid to cam the lady attention whenever she has to. ERP: Sure Kinks: High roughplay, restricted destruction, controling. Likes: Decorating, cooking, data recovery, finding notice. Dislikes: Indecisiveness, cheaper tastes, shrimp. Introduction: Call me Ava, I am the brand new daughter tids article regarding a Limsa pirate shed into sea. I appreciated a pleasurable youngsters enjoying this new vessels are located in and you may out-of port and getting seafood at the dock. From the time I was 16 I’ve been performing any kind of time inn otherwise eatery who does bring me, it doesn’t matter how rough the newest customers. Today I favor doing work at nightclubs around the Eorzea, particularly Pub Rez.


IG Many years: 23 Preference: Bisexual Identity: Timid, Playful, Curious, both Bratty Loves: Teasing, Cooking, Cold Surroundings Dislikes: Rudeness Kinks: Inquire me Introduction: An early woman whose attraction provided the girl to a faraway house of this lady domestic from the Azim Steppes. Where we out of her clan embraced the newest hushed and quiet existence of staying in separation regarding the globe, Qeko need something else. She strived out-of an early age observe the country during the its maximum, cataloging the woman trips while they happens, it a portion of the community was only various other region she got to explore.


IG years: Over 18 Competition: Ladies, Viera Preference: People but have a tendency to sporadically prefer a superb men. Personality: Is somewhat bashful some times but always heats right up easily to help you someone else. She will clean out you into the esteem provide so you can the girl. ERP: Yes. Kinks: Light thraldom, playthings, sexual experience. Can be a little subby or a great dom dependent on this lady state of mind. Likes: People that understand what they need and aren’t scared getting straight-pass about it. Dislikes: Degrading. Do not check it out on her behalf. On top of that, she detests becoming disprespected. Introduction: She barely covers her day prior to relocating to Gridania, however, this lady has a particular mature air up to the girl. Like many Viera she appears ranging from 18 and you can 240 years old, and won’t divulge any further past that.